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Unheated Yoga

Our unheated yoga space is located right next door (unit13).

In this space we have added WARM classes and UNHEATED classes from power and Vinyasa

to Slow Flow and YIN

All classes are 45 minutes

We keep this space at a comfy 68-75 degrees (warm classes are 80-85 degrees)

 If you cant take the heat come check us out.



Monday: 7am Morning flow; Cam- 4:30pm YIN/Restore; Sam

Tuesday: 7am Morning flow; Dot- 4:30pm Slow flow; Brooke

Wednesday: 7am Morning flow: Dot- 4:30pm Yin/Restore; Annette

Thursday:7am Morning flow Autumn- 4:30- Slow flow; Cam

Citrus Fruits


NEW STUDENTS 2 weeks for $30 unlimited

Drop in- $10.00

10 Class pack- $80.00

Monthly Auto Renew-$75.00

Year membership- $700.00

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