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What our studio has to offer

We are more than just a yoga studio

Infrared Sauna sessions

Infrared Sauna


Relieves stress, flushes toxins, soothes aches and pains in muscles and joints, cleanse the skin (anti aging), induce deeper sleep, improves cardiovascular performance (better lung capacity), burns calories (lose weight), helps to fight illness (get sick less), boosts energy levels, look and feel better


    Just to name a few

    We offer on site: showers, mat rentals, FREE hand towels, large yoga mat towel rentals, PLENTY of FREE parking, waters for sale, lots of retail, yoga mats on sale, electrolytes to purchase, cold lavendar towels, personal hygiene items (lotions, sprays, essential oils, deodarant, face wash and products, blow dryer, hair products, etc....), we sell and have samples of local vendors products and snacks, FREE goodies all the time (tea, coffee, protein bars, fruit, etc....), and so much more

      Sauna sessions
      yoga studio

      Our state of the art HOT ROOM

      We took so much time designing our beautiful practice space. There are no windows, no UV lights, radiant heaters, a perfect level of humidity, 54 feet of mirrors, a state of the art sound system, red light therapy (classes are labeled on MindBody), Infrared Light Therapy (classes labeled on MindBody), blocks, straps, bolsters, essential oils diffused in to the air, Black Lights (Glow in the dark classes are labeled on MindBody), our floors are a state of the art material that feels like you are warmed from the ground up!

        Class Offerings

        We are adding new styles of practice consistently

        Power Yoga, Flow, YIN, Slow Flow, Pilates, Tone and Flow, Yoga Sculpt, Bikram Style Classes, Hot Power Fusion Style Classes, HIIT, Barre, Yogalates, Vinyasa, Restorative, Reiki Infuses Classes, Aroma Flow, Private Lessons, Small Group Classes, Flow to YIN, Slow Flow to YIN, Themed classes, Holiday Specials, Music Themed Classes, BUTI, Baptiste, 26 and 2 (Bikram style, 1 hour, with MUSIC), Kundalini, YIN, and more

          power yoga
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