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Our Classes

Power Yoga

Our fast-paced vinyasa-styled class will leave you feeling amazing. This full-body practice consists of chaturangas, balance poses, strength poses, and powerful movements. The music we provide is loud and fun!

Movements are connected to flow through sequences. This is your traditional vinyasa-flow class.

This class utilizes light weights and bands. You will have the best combination of flow and toning. 


Hot Flow

Tone and Flow


Slow Flow

This class is slower than power flow. You will get the chance to connect with your breath and stretch through the poses.

Your traditional Bikram-styled class. No chaturangas. This is also done to music!

Power flow-styled class with loud upbeat music. Some nights we will use the blacklights, some nights we will use the infrared lights!

1 Hour 26 and 2

Party Flow

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