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At The Hot Yoga Studio we wish to provide a fun challenging practice space for yoga practitioners of all levels. We like it hot, we LOVE music, and most of all we seek to have all levels of students in each and every class. Be ready to sweat, laugh, work, stretch, burn calories, clear your mind, and leave feeling a whole lot lighter than when you came through the door. Get ready, you are about to find your home away from home!


What are the benefits?

Hot yoga is a form of yoga as exercise performed under hot and humid conditions, resulting in considerable sweating. Some hot yoga practices seek to replicate the heat and humidity of India, where yoga originated. It has been suggested that the heated environment of Yoga helps to prepare the body for movement and to "remove impurities".

Benefits include: 

  1.  Reduce the risk of injury. The high temperature in which the asanas and breathing exercises are performed reduces the likelihood of injury.

  2. Release more toxins. Hot yoga cleanses toxins from the body due to profuse sweating. ...

  3. Expand Your Lung Capacity. ...

  4. Improve Your Circulation. ...

  5. Helps Build a stronger Immune System. ...

  6. So Many Benefits for Your Lymphatic System. ...

  7. Gain more Flexible Muscle. ...

  8. Weight Loss. ...

bikram yoga
bikram yoga studio

Brooke took her first yoga class in her TEENS. She fell in love with the practice and realized its true benefits late in her twenties. Teaching and practicing daily for over twenty years, many styles of yoga, she has developed a deep love for Hot Power Yoga. Its challenges and creativity have held a special place in her heart. Brooke loves a good Hot Vinyasa Flow that moves your body set to fun, upbeat (sometimes loud) music. Her style is open to practitioners of all levels.  See you on your mat! 

bikram yoga


Have a question about one of our classes or about yoga practice? Please reach out. We are always happy to help.

270 Lafayette Rd Unit 12, Seabrook, NH 03874, USA

(781) 820-0745

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